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Book the Festival AquaKit for a day or a week. Available through pick-up or delivery by courier, bus or plane (shipping costs are not included.)

Touch The Teeth Of
A Killer Whale

Have you felt the teeth of one of the most intelligent predators in our waters? When you book an AquaKit, you’ll have the opportunity to examine a killer whale jawbone and touch a real sea otter pelt, one of the thickest animal coats found in the animal kingdom. See what shark skin feels like while learning about why sharks are disappearing all over the world. Discover how our actions affect animals in our oceans and how we can help the many species facing extinction.

Killer Whale Jaw
Marine Life Props

In The Community

Engage your community with the incredible items in our Festival AquaKit. The Festival AquaKit is a 30 kg case filled to the brim with amazing props and accompanying information sheets and photographs. The AquaKit showcases various local and global marine life, as well as the conservation issues surrounding our oceans and marine inhabitants today. Our goal is to raise awareness about what we can do to keep our oceans healthy and plentiful for years to come.


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Did You Know?

Did You Know?

Anacondas are born with the ability to swim.
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