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Polar Wonders & Arctic 101

Live-streamed On March 30, 2014

Daisy Gilardini: Polar Wonders 

daisy.jpg“POLAR WONDERS: Photographs from the Ends of the Earth” is a celebration of the beauty and diversity of some of the most remote and fragile ecosystems on our planet. Photographer Daisy Gilardini fell in love with Antarctica during her first trip there in 1997 and since spent most of her time photographing the Polar Regions. In almost two decades of polar exploration she joined over 50 expeditions to Antarctica and the Arctic. View a sample of Daisy's photography at daisygilardini.com.

Eric Solomon: Arctic 101

(A Beginner’s Guide To The Arctic)

eric.jpgBeautiful wildflowers, hip hop dance competitions and polar bears. What do these all have in common? They can all be found in Canada’s Arctic. “Arctic 101” is a beginner’s guide to Canada’s Arctic, a mysterious place to many, but a vital Canadian ecosystem in which people and wildlife have coexisted for thousands of years. What is life in the Arctic like?  Is it really dark all winter? Is the ice really melting?  Eric Solomon, Vancouver Aquarium’s director of Arctic programs, will draw on 15 years of experience communicating and forging relationships within the Arctic to share his observations and answer your questions about this amazing, important, and rapidly changing part of Canada. 


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Did You Know?

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