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Monster In The Closet: Climate Change Or Climate Regime Shift?


Live-streamed on
May 13, 2015

How does climate change interact with natural cyclical changes in the environment? 

Join us for a presentation by Dr. Jeff Marliave as he describes the unprecedented changes we’re seeing the in North Pacific Ocean. 

Dr. Jeff Marliave has published numerous journal articles, technical reports, book chapters and conference proceeding and professional newsletter articles. He has also been awarded the highest honor from the American Zoo and Aquarium Association for fish propagation. He is currently directing the Howe Sound Research Program, which is an integral part of the new Coastal Ocean Research Institute at the Vancouver Aquarium. His research projects in Howe Sound have included long-term annual monitoring of lingcod spawning, spot prawn nursery recruitment, seabed biodiversity and mapping, ecological succession processes and recovery of rockfish, protection of glass sponge reefs and understanding the seastar wasting syndrome that is sweeping the Northeast Pacific. His projects often involve citizen scientists from the scuba diving community.

Vancouver Aquarium public programs provide family-friendly opportunities for people to connect with each other through hands-on activities, lectures, films, classes and field trips—all focused on aquatic conservation. 

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This talk was streamed live on the Vancouver Aquarium’s YouTube channel. 

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Did You Know?

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