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Grow Your Knowledge Through Interactive Workshops

This school year the Vancouver Aquarium’s Professional Development Workshop Series will include three workshop series: The Art of Observation and Inquiry, Conservation in Action, and Marine Biology 101. K-12 and post-secondary teachers, informal educators and naturalists alike will benefit from these engaging and interactive workshops.

Professional Development Workshops

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Workshop Series

Get motivated with these interdisciplinary, hands-on workshops designed to increase your knowledge base, while learning how to increase student engagement, promote inquiry and conservation, and connect learners with our natural world. If you have any questions, contact us.

Phone: 604-659-3500

Note: The Aquarium reserves the right to cancel the workshop due to low registrations.


$25 per person plus applicable taxes.

Workshop Schedule


Inquiry Approaches in Science

April 19, 2013
9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

Inquiry learning can be both rewarding and terrifying in the science classroom. Join us to find how rich the rewards can be, and get ready to explore and delight in the scientific process with your students! In the first half of our workshop, we cover journaling and observation activities to spark student imagination, with the added benefit of time with some of our collection of over 50 000 animals. In the second half, we dive into experimentation and the scientific method with hands-on, live animal experiments that seek to expand beyond the classic “cookbook” method so often found in textbooks. Put responsibility and control of learning more firmly in the hands of your students, and rediscover the exhilaration of science with us.

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Anemone fish

Marine Biology 101 - Invertebrates

May 10, 2013
10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

When people think of the Aquarium they think of dolphins and belugas, but for many staff at the Aquarium their passion and jobs revolve around marine invertebrates: after all, 97 percent of the animal kingdom have no backbones. Explore the wonderful world of invertebrates with hands-on interactions with live animals, discussions about life-history traits and adaptations, and conservation issues surrounding these animals in a variety of learning spaces. Visit the coveted Wet Lab, see a squid dissection, get outdoors and see what’s on our local shores and investigate plankton under the microscope in this three hour workshop.

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Did You Know?

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