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Curriculum Support for Experiential Learning

These interdiciplinary lesson plans are designed to promote hands-on learning onsite and in your community. Conservation themes are tailored for learners K-12 and support Ministry learning expectations and outcomes.

Lesson Plans

Shoreline Cleanup Curriculum Guides

The Shoreline Cleanup Curriculum Guides for grades K-7 include 20 curriculum-linked lessons that support learning in math, science, social studies and geoprahy for the provinces of Alberta, British Columbia and Ontario.

Dissection Worksheets

Field Trip Activities

Fur, Feathers, Skin or Scales? (K-2)

Discover a variety of animal body coverings and group animals according to their features.
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Classification Capers (1-2)

Consider which animals have similar characteristics while exploring the Aquarium.
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Amazing Invertebrates of B.C. (4-7)

Classify B.C. coastal invertebrates and link them to their geographic habitat.
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Aquarium Digital Discovery (4-7)

Identify animal characteristics and interactions, including: adaptations, behaviours, survival skills, and predator/prey relationships.
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The Art of Observation and Inquiry (4-7)

Investigate specific adaptations and behaviors to making inferences about an animal’s history and beyond.
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Aquarium Photo Journaling (8-12)

Determine the interaction of abiotic and biotic factors within an ecosystem, and explore the interconnectedness of organisms within ecosystems.
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Sex in the Sea (9)

Discover the weird and wonderful modes of reproduction utilized by marine animals at the Vancouver Aquarium. 
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Canadian Marine Treasures: Identify, Classify and Sustain (11-12)

Consider how different species interact within ecosystems and use the SeaChoice Seafood Guide to consider human impact.
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The online lesson plans are available in PDF format. You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view them. If you do not have Acrobat Reader you can download it now.


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Did You Know?

Did You Know?

Sea otters hold hands to rest in groups called “rafts”.
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