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AquaCamps FAQ

AquaCamps offer your children a fun, educational experience of a lifetime. Our camps are filled with hands-on activities, animal observations, crafts and time to run around outside to fully engage your children in an environment that encourages active learning. Children will learn about local and exotic animals, life cycles, food webs, adaptations, ecosystems and sustainability.

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For a list of Frequently Asked Questions about AquaCamps please see information below. 


What does a typical day at camp look like?

Download a copy of our example schedule.

Please note:

  • Frequency of activities involving live animals are subject to animal welfare.
  • Behind the scenes tours are subject to trainer and researcher availability.

What Type Of Clothing Should My Child Wear?

AquaCamp Campers are required to wear their camp t-shirts every day during summer camp programs. This allows us to recognize campers easily when we are out in the galleries with the throngs of summer visitors. Each child receives one camp t-shirt with each weeks' registration. If you are registered for more than one week you will receive one t-shirt on the first day of each week.

  • Shorts and pants are recommended - skirts and dresses are not advised. Campers will get dirty!
  • Labels -  Please label all of your child's belongings. We end up with lots of unclaimed items every summer.
  • Raingear - Since camp runs daily, rain or shine, please make sure your child comes prepared each day for inclement weather.  We still like to get outside even when it's wet!
  • Footwear ‑ please make sure your child wears closed-toe shoes. No flip flops as they make it hard for running and lots of walking (children with open toes also will not be invited behind the scenes). Waterproof boots and a change of socks are a good idea in case of bad weather and days at the beach!

Note: All unclaimed items will be turned in to general lost and found at the end of each week.

What Food & Drink Should My Child Bring?

  • What to bring: All campers will need a healthy lunch, snacks and reusable water bottle. Please label their lunch bag, tupperware and bottle. When packing snacks and lunches for campers, we would also appreciate your sending snacks that will fill them up and give them energy to get through the day. Sugar snacks drain their energy quickly. Some healthy lunch ideas are available on this website
  • Nut-free AquaCamp: Our fish don’t eat nuts and neither do our AquaCampers! Please help us ensure the safety of all campers by not packing nuts for your child’s lunch.         
  • No spending money: We ask that campers do not bring money for food/vending machines or use in the gift shop. All concessions and snack machines will be off limits during camp. Campers and parents are welcome to shop at the Gift Shop after camp is over for the day. 

When and Where Do I Drop Off & Pick Up My Child? 

Drop Off

Meet your camp leaders from 8:45 to 9:00 am on the large field at the North end of the Aquarium, adjacent to the parking lot.  Our camp staff will direct you to your child's camp leader.  The first day is very busy so please give yourself extra time to sign in.

Pick Up

At 3:00 pm we will bring your camper out to the large field at the North end of the Aquarium for pick-up.  Now that your child is geared up in our brightly colored camp shirt, we like to continue playing games on the field until you come pick him or her up. Please remember your ID, as we will not allow any child to leave with an adult that is not authorized or does not have ID with a name that matches our sign out form.


Parking is tight even on slow days at the Aquarium. Please give yourself ample time to find parking or better yet, walk, bike or take the #19 bus into Stanley Park. Please visit our location information page for maps of nearby lots that are not as impacted with visitors.

Late For Pick-Up

Please make sure you are on time to pick-up your child. If you realize you will be late to pick-up your child, please call us immediately at (604) 659-3493.

Late Fees

We love caring for your kids, but our staff also have families to get home to and other duties. Please respect their time. If you are late to pick up campers you will be charged a late fee.

Extended Pre Camp Hours

Pre Camp runs from 7:30 to 9:00 AM and we ask that children be dropped off by 7:45 am. For all multi-day camp programs you may purchase Weekly Extended Pre Camp for an additional flat fee when you register. The single day rate is only available for Pro-D and Winter Day Camp programs.

Note: Our reception is closed until 9:00 am so if you are unable to drop off your child before 7:45 am please e-mail or call the camp team one day prior to let us know. This allows us to take the other campers inside to start our day and keep watch for when you do arrive. 

Extended After Camp Hours

After Camp runs from 3:00 to 5:30 PM.  For all multi-day camp programs you may purchase weekly Extended Pre Camp for an additional flat fee when you register. The single day rate is only available for Pro-D and Winter Day Camp Programs. If you would like to pick up your child early, please inform your child's educator so they can meet you.

Note: Our Reception office closes at 5:00. We will do our best to be out on the field ready for pick up between 5:00 - 5:30. If you do not see us when you arrive, please wait for us near the sign out location; we will most likely be finishing up an activity or collecting our belongings inside the Aquarium.

How do I Request for Campers to be in the Same Camp Group?

Please submit requests for friends and family to be grouped together when you register by entering your request in our medical notes section. If you have already registered, you can send your request to camps@ocean.org at least one week prior to the start of camp.

Note: Our camp groups are organized based on the campers’ ages. We cannot accommodate requests when the campers differ in age by two or more years. This is to ensure all campers have the best and most appropriate experience while at camp. Children in different groups are able to spend lunch together and will be together for large camp games.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations within 7 days of the program date will be subject to a 50% cancellation fee. Rescheduling within 7 days of the program date will result in a 25% rebooking fee. Missed programs will not be refunded nor rescheduled. The Vancouver Aquarium reserves the right to cancel any program due to low registration.

Still Have More Questions?

Please email camps@ocean.org, call 604-659-3493 or ask your knowledgeable camp leader on the first day.


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