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What Is The
Revitalization Project

The Vancouver Aquarium is preparing for a significant expansion and revitalization of its facilities, which will include new galleries and exhibits, and feature the highest standards of sustainable design. Along with exciting additions and changes to our facility, the updated revitalization project plans include new public services and features that will benefit everyone visiting Stanley Park. Beginning in the fall of 2011 and taking approximately three to four years to complete, this is an exciting and innovative project for the City of Vancouver, the Province of British Columbia and Canada as a whole.

What Will Be Done

The upgrades include the revitalization of ageing infrastructure and the expansion of the Aquarium, Vancouver’s leading cultural institution. This will be done through eight projects that range in size from $1.5 million to $18 million, totaling approximately $60 million. These structural elements must be addressed to ensure the viability of the facility and the well-being of our 50,000 animals. From expanding current exhibits, such as the B.C. Wild Coast and Canada’s Arctic, to an entirely new gallery and new display pools, visitors will have increased space to be engaged, inspired and amazed by the unique marine life that lives here.

Canada's Arctic
Dolphin Encounters

Your Incredible Experience During Revitalization

The Vancouver Aquarium will remain open and vibrant throughout its revitalization process. As a self-sustaining, non-profit organization, we rely on revenue generated by our visitors to operate our conservation, education and research programs. Each visitor to the Aquarium makes a direct contribution to our mission-based initiatives. We will be highlighting different exhibits throughout the revitalization project to ensure that you continue to have incredible and unique experiences with every visit to the Vancouver Aquarium.

How Will It Be Funded

In August 2010, we received $25 million from provincial and federal governments to begin the revitalization process. This capital funding support will contribute to assuring the continuation of a vital centre of learning for over 900,000 visitors annually, and allow us to touch millions across Canada and around the world through communications outreach and conservation, research and education programs. The remainder of the funding will be generated through private and public donations.

Support Our Work
Involving the Public

Involving The Public

We wanted to ensure the broadest possible opportunities for public participation. To this end, we conducted an initial round of seven stakeholder meetings, five focus groups, 600 one-on-one interviews, three public open houses, an on-line feedback form, inserts in The Vancouver Sun and The Province newspapers, and a public attitude survey. On November 8, 2006, 89 percent of the public (from Vancouver and the Greater Vancouver Area) voted in support of the Aquarium Revitalization and Expansion Project.

Protecting Our
Resident Animals

Throughout this process, the safety, comfort and well-being of all of our 70,000 animals will remain our foremost concern. You can be assured that we will take every precaution possible to ensure that our inhabitants are at no risk throughout the revitalization project, which includes risk to their mental well-being. The result of the revitalization will be improved habitats and increased space for our animals to enjoy.

Our Resident Animals

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