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We've tried to answer the most commonly asked questions below; however, if you're still unable to find the information you're looking for, please contact our Membership Department.

Phone: 604-659-3526
Email: members@ocean.org

Pacific Tank

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you mail my permanent membership card to me?

A: No. Your permanent membership card is a photo ID that's made and given to you on site at the Aquarium.

Q: Why didn't I receive a guest pass with my membership purchase/renewal? How do I use my virtual guest pass?

A one-time-use guest pass is included in family and adult memberships only. If you purchased or renewed before June 18, 2013, you received a paper guest pass at the time of purchase or on your first visit if you purchased online or by phone. For memberships purchased or renewed after June 18, a  virtual guest pass was automatically added to your membership file. You can use your guest pass at the Members’ Express Entrance. If you would prefer a printed pass, simply login to your Aquarium account using your membership number and print your members’ guest pass or request a paper ticket at Membership Services on your next visit.

For family and two-adult membership memberships, the primary or secondary adult listed may pick-up a pass or use the virtual guest pass. Additional people and children added to the membership can not access the guest pass unless prior arrangements are made through the membership office. Please call 604.659.3526 if you would like to arrange for someone other than the primary or secondary adult to pick-up or use your guest pass.

Q: Can I add people to my membership?

A: Yes, this option is available for the Family Membership only. You can add up to three additional people for a fee of $36 each for a one year membership and $72 each for a two year membership.

Q: Can I share the membership with other people or do I have to name everyone on the membership?

A: Memberships are non-transferable. Everyone on the membership must be named and only the people named, can use the membership.

Q: Considering that children under four are free, what happens if my child turns four during my membership year?

A: If your child is under four when you take out or renew the membership, they are considered free for your entire membership year—even if they turn four in that year.

Q: Does membership go for a calendar year or a year from the time I join?

A: Starting June 18, 2013, memberships last for 365 days from the time you join.

Q: Which day of the month does my membership expire?

A: Starting June 18, 2013, your membership expires 365 days from the day that you joined. If you joined prior to June 18, your membership expires at the end of the month one year from the time that you purchased it. If the expiry date on your membership card isn't up to date, please request a new expiry date sticker on your next visit to the Aquarium.

Q: Do my guests get discounts?

A: Only members are eligible for discounts, but members can bring up to 2 guests per visit to the Aquarium for a 20 percent discount on daily admission.


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Did You Know?

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