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How to Become a Youth Volunteer

We have now opened our Winter Semester recruitment. Please see details below to apply. 


Available Opportunities

Recruitment is currently open for our 2018 Winter Semester

We are recruiting youth volunteers for the role of Gallery Assistant. Click here to learn about the role and requirements of the position. If you decide to apply, please ensure you enter the following information:

Under Placement Date please select Winter Semester 2018.

Under Name of Role please select Gallery Assistant.

Failure to follow the above instructions could mean your application is not looked at. If you are able to attend the interview session, training, and all placement dates, feel free to fill out an application below.

Create an online application



If you have any questions, please email Zoë at workexperience@ocean.org 


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Did You Know?

Did You Know?

Up to 40 per cent of a beluga’s body is blubber.
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