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How can you get your students involved?

The Youth Work Experience Program has been running at the Vancouver Aquarium for nearly twenty years and continues to grow to meet the government’s standards for graduation and Work Experience requirements*. These placements are offered to all high schools in the Greater Vancouver Area (and beyond, if there is interest). Work Experience teachers and school counsellors are welcome to contact the Coordinator of Volunteers & Youth Programs for more information or to join the mailing list. If added to the mailing list, teachers will be contact approximately six times per year with our recruitment opportunities.


The Vancouver Aquarium has policies and procedures laid out for its youth volunteers to ensure that students have the opportunity to explore career and community-based experiences. The Aquarium is an outlet where students can use their academic learning and apply it to concrete experiences. Students will learn work experience skills such as completing applications, practicing interviewing, goal setting, time management, and more. We provide daily coaching to ensure that our students are making the most out of their placement.

Teachers are encouraged to visit their students during their placements, and are able to speak to the Coordinator of Volunteers & Youth Programs, as well as the students’ Program Coordinator(s) about the growth of their students in the program.

*All youth work experience placements meet the minimum 30 hours of volunteer service mandated by the government and select placements meet the minimum 90 hours of volunteer service mandated by the government for the Work Experience courses.

Phone: 604 659 3478

Email: workexperience@vanaqua.org



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Did You Know?

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