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Gain Career Experience And Mentorship

Students that are enrolled in a college or university course with a practicum component can apply to undertake their practicum at Vancouver Aquarium!

As a volunteer in a practicum placement, you will have the chance to apply your academic learning to real-life situations, hone your skills and make valuable professional connections. Most importantly, you will receive guidance, support and feedback from a staff mentor, who is an experienced professional in your field.

Interns at MMR

Currently Available Practicum Placements

Behind The Scenes

Marine Mammal Rescue Centre Practicum

This practicum placement is for students required to gain practical experience in wildlife rehabilitation and the conservation of marine life. Students will engage in laboratory procedures, rescue techniques and help with the veterinary and husbandry care of stranded marine mammals at our busy rescue centre.

Learn more about the Marine Mammal Rescue (MMR) Practicum

Informal Teacher Practicum

This practicum placement is for students in a Teacher-Training Program.  Students will gain pre-service teachers practicum hours and practical experience teaching in an informal (non-school classroom) setting.

Learn more about the Informal Teacher Practicum

Retail Practicum

This placement is suitable for students undertaking Administrative or Retail courses.  It is designed to introduce practical experience providing the opportuntiy to learn the skills required for a busy retail office.

Learn more about the Retail Practicum

Front of House

Visitor Experience

This role is suited to students who are undertaking courses in tourism or customer service.  Time will be split between duties in the office and in the galleries.

Learn more about the Visitor Experience Practicum



Contact Us 

If you are interested in carrying out a practicum placement with us please contact practicum@ocean.org for further information.


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Did You Know?

Did You Know?

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