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About Our Application Process?

We’ve provided the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about how to join our team.


Searching For Positions

Q: How do I search for jobs?

A: To view all open positions, click on the "Search Open Jobs" tab. You may also search for a particular position by keyword, location, and job family. Enter as much detail as you desire, then click on the "submit" button at the bottom of the form. The system will search our database and show you any matching results.

Q: How can I search for a specific type of position?

A: You may search for a specific type of position by using the drop down menu to select a job family. If you cannot find a job family that fits your search criteria, you may also use the Keyword section to search by a specific word.

Q: How do I find out more information on an open position?

A: You can find out details on a position by clicking the position title, which will bring you to the job description page. The job description page will have the job description and required skills, duration and more. You will also be able to apply directly from this page by entering your email address and clicking the "apply online" link, which is located at the bottom of the job description page.

Applying For Positions

Q: When is the best time to apply?

A: It depends on what type of position you’re looking for. We post positions across all job families as they become available for all regular full-time and part-time status, as well as short-term contract positions. If you’re looking for casual or seasonal work, we do our largest recruit during the early spring (April through June) in preparation for 100+ casual summer positions to support the peak of tourist season. In the Food Services Department, we also have peak recruitment to support the holiday party and banquet season in October/November. We encourage you to check our job board regularly.

Q: Can I submit a paper application?

A: As a green employer we encourage all applicants to submit their applications online. If no online resources are available to you, paper resumes can be sent via mail, however the processing time will be extended significantly, and may reduce your chance of being reviewed alongside other candidates.

Q: I have a disability/impairment that prevents me from using your online application system. What other options do I have for applying?

A: If due to a disability or impairment you find it difficult to use our online applications system, please contact us via email so that alternative arrangements can be made for you. Please email us at careers@ocean.org and we will provide you with whatever assistance we can.

Q: I don’t have an e-mail address. How can I apply for employment?

A: We maintain a significant amount of communication with our candidates via e-mail, so it’s important to have an e-mail address. If you don’t currently have an e-mail address, please create an e-mail account with one of the free services like Yahoo!, Gmail or Hotmail. Please select the e-mail provider you would like to host your free e-mail account and follow their instructions for account set up.

Q: Is it safe to enter my information on your website?

A: Yes, our web pages are secure and are certified by VeriSign. We take the utmost care to protect your information, whether you’re shopping on our website or applying for employment.

After You Apply

Q: After I submit my job application, will I receive a response?

A: When you first register on our website and submit your profile or when you apply for a specific position, you’ll receive an acknowledgement e-mail stating that we’ve received your submission. After that, we will directly contact all candidates who are selected for an interview with the Human Resources department and/or our hiring managers. If you are not contacted, please feel free to continue to visit our career site for updates and/or to search for new career opportunities.  You can also check the status of your application by logging into your online candidate profile.

General Information

Q: What browsers are supported by this application?

A: All major browsers including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and AOL are supported.

Q: How do I find directions to your location?

A: For detailed directions to the Vancouver Aquarium by foot, bicycle, car or transit, please visit our location page.

Q: Do you offer relocation assistance to candidates?

A: No. Unfortunately, we’re unable to provide relocation assistance to candidates applying for positions unless the specified job posting indicates otherwise.

Q: Are unsolicited search firm and agency submissions accepted?

A: Vancouver Aquarium works closely with other non-profit agencies, volunteer experience opportunities, youth subsidized internships, community programs and/or other relevant employment enhancement partnerships which may fit with business needs and the non-profit model. The Vancouver Aquarium doesn’t accept unsolicited resumes from search firms or agencies.


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