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Sharks! Cold Blood
In Cold Waters

Feb 7 to Apr 30: Check the show schedule


Getting To Know The Locals

If you’ve ventured into the waters off our coast, you can legitimately say you’ve been swimming with sharks. According to Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO), there are at least 16 species of sharks which frequent our coastal waters, including some pretty big names, and jaws. Sightings by the average beach swimmer are rare however, and even seasoned SCUBA divers have to know where to look. Join us in the Pacific Canada Gallery as we dive in, and come face to fin with a few of our secretive neighbors. 

Spotted ratfish

Tickle Me, Elasmo?

Sharks, skates and rays belong to a group of animals known as Elasmobranchs, which loosely translates out to ‘flattened metal gills’. That’s tough. Real tough. However, of the close to 30 species of elasmobranchs found in our waters, many are in trouble, vulnerable or near threatened. When looking at worldwide populations, the numbers are even worse. Globally, our shark, skate, and ray populations need our help!  What can we as consumers do?

How To Help

Ocean Wise™ is a Vancouver Aquarium conservation program that raises awareness about the issues surrounding sustainable seafood and helps diners choose ocean-friendly seafood. One of the issues this program regularly tackles is shark finning. Ocean Wise works directly with local restaurants, markets, food services and suppliers to ensure they have the most current scientific information so they can make environmentally-friendly buying decisions. Look for the Ocean Wise symbol on a restaurant menu or at a market, and you can be assured that you’re buying guilt-free, ocean-friendly seafood.

Ocean Wise Seafood
Reef Sharks

The Secret World Of
Sharks And Rays

February 7 - April 30, 2013

Ever wonder what makes a shark a fierce hunter or how they achieve incredible stealth and speed through the water? Then join us this spring for The Secret World of Sharks and Rays to explore the mysterious lives of these fascinating creatures.


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Did You Know?

Did You Know?

A jelly is made up of up to 96 per cent water.
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