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The Secret Lives Of Sharks

Feb 7 to Apr 30: Check the show schedule

Blacktip reef shark

Are Sharks Really That Scary?

DA-duh, DA-duh… Ominous notes that have for decades been associated with sharks. These notes so easily typify that triangular fin, the torpedo body, gleaming rows of teeth, a terrifying shark. Or do they? Sharks have been seen for quite some time as somewhat terrifying animals; perhaps because of the very human tendency to fear the unknown. Are they really so scary really once we get to know some of their secrets? Join us in the Topic Zone to explore sharks and maybe begin to see them in a whole new light.

Reef Shark
Reef Shark

Who Hunts The Hunters?

Sharks evolved somewhere around 400 million years ago, in a time when the Earth looked very different. As they evolved, so did new life forms. Sharks were swimming our oceans before the first amphibians took shape, before the first mammals, flowers, bees, bats, sloths and people; and yet, despite surviving at least four major mass extinction events through Earth’s history, it’s when people arrived on the scene that sharks started facing some of their largest declines.

The Secret World Of
Sharks And Rays

February 7 - April 30, 2013

Ever wonder what makes a shark a fierce hunter or how they achieve incredible stealth and speed through the water? Then join us this spring for The Secret World of Sharks and Rays to explore the mysterious lives of these fascinating creatures.

Reef Sharks

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The Big Reveal

The Big Reveal

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