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Mysterious Creatures

Steller sea lions are some of the many different species of marine mammals that live off of our B.C. coast, however we still know very little about them. This program takes place in our newly opened Steller's Bay exhibit and looks at what makes these animals so special and able to survive in their aquatic environment, and also talks about the crucial research we are conducting here at the Aquarium and at our Open Water Research site in partnership with researchers from UBC which is aimed at trying to better understand these creatures.

Sea lion
Sea lions Credit: Andrew Trites

Survival Skills

Steller sea lions are quick and agile in the water which makes them great predators of fish and squid. The survival of these animals depends on us having more knowledge of just how interconnected different species are when it comes to the food chain of our oceans. In the case of sea lions, certain fish provide the animals with more energy to be active with, while others don’t.

Our Research

Both at the Aquarium and at our Open Water site, we are conducting research on a daily basis to better understand the energy used by sea lions to in different situations. In the case of harbour seals, we are looking at being able to identify the types of foods the seals have eaten by testing their feces for DNA of their food species. All of this research is done in part with the University of British Columbia, and is funded by generous donations from people like you.

Sea lion at Open Water

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Did You Know?

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