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Salmon CSI

The crime; a salmon taken before it's time. The scene; an aquatic laboratory at the Vancouver Aquarium. The investigation; a dissection to uncover the truth. Put your sleuthing powers to work as we examine the inner workings of a salmon, and look for some answers! This dissection will take place daily in our Wet Lab.

Salmon CSI

Local Connection

Is there a local connection to this mystery? Perhaps! The Fraser river is one of the largest salmon producing rivers in the world, although there are many stocks where there is mounting conservation concern. The reasons for the declines are myriad and complex, although an area identified and studied in some detail is freshwater quality. This is something those of us living in the lower mainland need to be aware of. One of the many visual reminders in place are storm drain markers such as painted yellow fish - a reminder that these drains lead to fish habitat, and to keep garbage and chemicals out. Look for them here at the Aquarium, around Stanley Park, and around local homes and businesses.

The Great Salmon Run

The list of animals interested in a tasty salmon is long and varied. If you’re interested in meeting some, join us in the 4D theatre for BBC Earth’s The Great Salmon Run 4-D Experience, here at the aquarium for it’s world premiere from September 21 – November 21. This wild 4-D adventure was shot on the beautiful coast of British Columbia and follows the Pacific salmon as they struggle to swim upstream. Their passage is fraught with danger – from raging rapids and waterfalls to hungry Grizzly bears. Other predators join the feast, including orcas, stellar sea lions, salmon sharks and the bald eagle. Presented in high definition 3D with special sensory effects!


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Did You Know?

Did You Know?

97 percent of all animals on Earth are invertebrates. 
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