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Spotlight On Porpoises

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Meet Jack And Daisy

They may look like baby dolphins, but they are in fact harbour porpoises. Normally you may not have a chance to see one of these animals up close as they are very shy animals, but "Spotlight on Porpoises" gives you the chance to get to know these two young porpoises. Harbour porpoises tend to be very elusive for boaters and researchers which means that we don't know a lot about them. In fact, Jack and Daisy are the only harbour porpoises in an aquarium in North America.

Jack and Daisy
Jack At the beginning their rehabilitation, both Jack and Daisy needed the support of a flotation device, as they were too weak to swim on their own.

Incredible Survival Stories

Both Jack and Daisy have amazing survival stories to share with you. They were both found as very young animals stranded on beaches, Jack in 2011 in Horseshoe Bay and Daisy in 2008 off the coast of Vancouver Island. No one knows how or why they were stranded but our Marine Mammal Rescue Centre was called in on both cases to help right away. Their incredible stories of survival are truly of epic proportions.

Distant Cousins

Harbour porpoises are related to dolphins in the same way that they are related to whales; they are all cetaceans. Harbour porpoises and dolphins have similar body shapes but there are some differences between them as well such as the shape of their teeth. To learn more about what Jack and Daisy have in common with other cetaceans come and visit them at the Vancouver Aquarium.


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