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Playtime in Clownfish Cove

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It’s Time To Play!

Imagination is a powerful thing. Play Time in Clownfish Cove is a great opportunity for little kids and big kids alike to let their creative minds soar. Join our interpretive staff as they guide you through an emergency marine mammal rescue mission. Or let them teach you how to leap like a dolphin or build a den like an octopus. The possibilities are endless – That’s what’s great about make believe.

Learn With Us
Clownfish Cove

Leap Off To New Heights

Our play sessions are in no way set in stone. Our interpreters offer up suggestions as to which direction the game can go, and give the kids an opportunity to lead the game. By laying a basic framework, our staff let the kids bring new games and problems to light. When faced with obstacles it is up to the children’s problem-solving skills to rectify the situation. The hope is that through creative play, children can leave with a broader understanding of the ecological problems facing our planet and how they can be a positive voice for change.

Don’t Worry Parents,
You’re Welcome Too

Deep down, we are all children at heart and Playtime in Clownfish Cove is a great way to let your inner child out. Join your children as they explore the wonders of marine life and learn and be amazed with them. Our hope is not only to foster a sense of earth stewardship in children, but also partnership with parents. Families working together can make the world a better place; come find out how.

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