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It’s Glow Time

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Photo: Sierra Blakely

A Glowing Game Show?!?

Dive below the ocean’s surface with us as a spectator, or even a contestant, in our newest, and brightest show!  Experience firsthand how light is created in one of the most bizarre and mysterious places on Earth. Many animals live in the deep sea and use its darkness to their advantage. Over 80 percent of the species living in the depths are able to create light, and this light is often vital to their survival.  Knowing the answers to how they use this light will give you an edge over your fellow contestants!  Here’s some helpful hints-by creating and manipulating  light, these animals are able to navigate, find prey, communicate, and thrive in an environment that’s mysterious to us.

Aequorea sp. Viperfish have bioluminescent organs known as photophores. Photo: Francesco Costa
Dinoflagellate bioluminescence Dinoflagellate bioluminescence in an ocean wave. Photo: Jed Sundwall

What Kind Of Light Is This?

The type of light, or luminescence, produced by animals has a special name: it is known as bioluminescence. Some of the ways that the creatures of the deep use bioluminescence are similar to the ways people use light. During the show, we’ll conduct some experiments and demonstrate how this light, as well as other kinds, are created. It’s not just an illuminating time, it’s Glow Time!


This winter, we are celebrating the incredible world of aquatic light. Between November 28 and January 22, learn about the animals that glow under the surface of the water. Discover the enchanting world of fluorescent and bioluminescent light that exists in the dark depths of the ocean through special exhibits and shows.
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Did You Know?

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