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Join us for Family Programs in our Underwater Arctic Gallery where you’ll learn about people or aquatic creatures that live in darkness. Discover how both humans and deep sea animals use light to communicate or find out why we don’t always need to be afraid of the dark. 


New Craft Activities

Once you’ve left our family program, why not stop at our craft station? You can build your own angler fish headpiece that will help you pretend to be one of these amazing a deep-sea fishes. Or, you can build a small hand-held angler fish toy. Either way, come on down and get creative with our brand new luminescence crafts.


This winter we are celebrating luminescence and the incredible world of aquatic light. Between November 22 and January 22, learn about what glows far under the surface of the water. Discover the incredible world of fluorescent and bioluminescent light that exists in the dark depths of the ocean through special exhibits and shows.
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Did You Know?

Did You Know?

The largest puffin colony has more than one million nests. 
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