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You and your children (aged eight and under) can join us for a special program where anything can happen! Crafts, singing, puppet shows, games and make-believe journeys could all be part of the fun. Each week this program has a different theme that focuses on new animals and places. This truly is a great opportunity for the young and young at heart to learn about the aquatic world while having fun with their families and caregivers.

Crafts Photo: Helon Law
Clownfish Cove Display

Don’t Worry Parents, You Can Have Fun Too!

Deep down, we are all children at heart, and family programs are a great way to connect with your children and let your own inner child out. Join your children as they explore the wonders of marine life and learn and be amazed along with them. Our hope is not only to foster a sense of stewardship in children, but also partnership with parents. Families learning and playing together can build strong relationships and help make the world a better place; come find out how.

Learn With Us

Family programs aren’t the only time to play at the Vancouver Aquarium! Clownfish Cove, Clownfish Cove, located next to the Exploration Gallery, helps to foster children’s connection to the natural world – all through exploration and play. When children play, they develop their imagination and creativity. They also build up language, social and problem-solving skills. By role-playing the part of a junior animal technician, getting close-up looks at local marine species and pretending to build octopus dens with soft building blocks, kids will start to understand the wonders of the marine world and why it’s important to help protect it.

Learn With Us Photo: Walter Coates

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Did You Know?

Did You Know?

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