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Eel-lectric Lights

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Jelly Swarm. Photo: Mark Montgomery

Shockingly Cool

This winter, join us at the Vancouver Aquarium to discover an incredible animal – a fish that can produce electricity. That’s right. A fish. Producing electricity on the spot is like a super power found only in comic books. During the Eel-ectric Lights program you’ll learn why these fish produce electricity and what it takes for one to light up a tree. Could an electric eel power the lights in your home? Join us to find out.

Electric eel
Electric eel

Light Up Our Lives

Amazonian electric eels (Electrophorus electricus) are like swimming batteries – their heads are positive and their tails are negative. In fact, the electric eel helped inspire the world’s first electric battery! Alessandro Volta created the “artificial electric organ” based on the organs of electric eels and electric torpedo rays. Even today, electric eels continue to inspire researchers, scientists and engineers. The electric eel at the Aquarium lights up a tree, helping us celebrate Luminescence this season.


This winter, we are celebrating the incredible world of aquatic light. Between November 28 and January 22, learn about the animals that glow under the surface of the water. Discover the enchanting world of fluorescent and bioluminescent light that exists in the dark depths of the ocean through special exhibits and shows.
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