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Incredible Leaps
And Amazing Speed

Pacific white-sided dolphins are one of the most acrobatic marine mammals in the world, but there’s more to them than just jumps and speed. This show explores the mystery of the Pacific white-sided dolphins. It reveals how the dolphins at the Aquarium came to live here, as well as the research they’re participating in and how that helps their brethren in the wild. And of course, it shows off the incredible agility of these magnificent marine mammals.

Dolphin Show
Dolphin Show

Rare Access

We still know very little about Pacific white-sided dolphins. Until recently, they were too far offshore for researchers to study on a regular basis, and even now that they’ve returned to coastal waters, we still don’t know why they’ve returned or how long they’ll stay. Having dolphins at the Aquarium gives our visitors the rare chance to make intimate connections with them and researchers the opportunity to better understand them.
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Doing What Comes Naturally

Our dolphin shows are based on behaviours that dolphins do naturally in the wild. These exercises keep them stimulated and healthy, and they reinforce the bond that the animals have with their trainers. Since it’s impossible to ask an animal that can grow to 198 kilograms to do something they don’t want to do, the trainers spend a lot of time building a relationship of trust with the dolphins—and reward them not just with food, but with tongue rubs, massages and whatever else the individual animals enjoy.
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Dolphin Show

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