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Nature’s Perfect Predators

This is a show for those who fear sharks and those who are their biggest fans. Come to the Tropic Zone to learn about these awesome guardians of the ocean and their true role in the oceans ecosystem. One of our fearless divers may help us with this quest.  What will happen when they dive in? Join us to find out…  

Reef Shark
Reef Shark

Who Hunts The Hunters?

Sharks have a fearsome reputation, sometimes as people killers, but it isn’t entirely warranted. Most shark species have never been known to attack humans, and many others are aggressive only if threatened or disturbed. In contrast, humans pose a great threat to sharks. The practice of shark finning—cutting off sharks’ fins for soup and traditional cures—has demolished shark populations worldwide. Over 100 million sharks are killed every year for their fins.
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How To Help

Ocean Wise™ is a Vancouver Aquarium conservation program that raises awareness about the issues surrounding sustainable seafood and helps diners choose ocean-friendly seafood. One of the issues this program regularly tackles is shark finning. Ocean Wise works directly with local restaurants, markets, food services and suppliers to ensure they have the most current scientific information so they can make environmentally-friendly buying decisions. Look for the Ocean Wise symbol on a restaurant menu or at a market, and you can be assured that you’re buying guilt-free, ocean-friendly seafood.

Reef Sharks

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Did You Know?

Did You Know?

Up to 40 per cent of a beluga’s body is blubber.
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