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The B.C. Critter Corner gives you an exciting and intimate look at some of the animals that make their home on the shores of British Columbia. Get a whole new appreciation for these animals by learning about the elements and features that make them unique. You may also see some interactions between predators and their prey, or a dissection in progress. After getting an up-close and personal look at some of these local animals, you may see our seashores in a different way.
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Sea Urchin

Spineless Wonders

Most of the animals you’ll get to see and possibly touch in the Critter Corner are invertebrates—animals without backbones. The most familiar marine invertebrates include crabs, sea anemones, jellies, sea stars, sea urchins, sea cucumbers and shrimps. Even the octopus, one of the most popular animals at the Aquarium, is an invertebrate. You can find marine invertebrates in almost every marine habitat.
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Cooperative Invertebrates

Some invertebrates live symbiotically with other organisms. For example, some sea anemones ride on the shells of decorator crabs; the crab provides bits of food for the sea anemone, and the sea anemone protects the crab from octopuses. Another example is the association between sea anemones and clownfish. The clownfish gain protection while the sea anemones get bits of dropped food. Find out more at the Critter Corner.

Cooperative Invertebrates

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