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Breaking The Ice

Come join interpreters for a guided tour of the Canada’s Arctic Gallery. You’ll meet fish and marine invertebrates that thrive in our country’s coldest waters, and our staff will give you the chance to see a live feeding demonstration.

Diver with arctic anemone

Making Connections

The Vancouver Aquarium has been sharing arctic stories for over 50 years. From the first expedition in 1968, to present day, Aquarium researchers are committed to connecting people to the arctic. Even though the arctic makes up 40% of our landmass, and almost 70% of our shoreline, it's still a place that most people know very little about. Not only can it be cold and hostile, but it's also a place of fragile beauty, as we've learned from the iconic wildlife, and many people that call this place home. 

We Need Our North

For more than four decades, the Vancouver Aquarium has been supporting and conducting ongoing studies in the Arctic. We’re now raising $28 million to connect people to Our North. The engaging new Canada’s Arctic Gallery will foster scientific research and conservation efforts to help protect beluga whales while providing even larger habitats for the beluga whales in our professional care. We are deeply committed to the conservation of Canada’s Arctic and you can help.


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Did You Know?

Did You Know?

A jelly is made up of up to 96 per cent water.
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