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Sea Monsters Revealed


Ends September 7, 2015

Don’t miss your last chance to check out the groundbreaking exhibition Sea Monsters Revealed. This highly anticipated exhibition will take you on an exciting journey to discover some of the world’s most amazing sea creatures.

Like the human anatomy exhibits that now circle the globe, Sea Monsters Revealed uses the revolutionary polymer preservation technique, commonly called plastination, to unveil the dissected bodies of some of the world’s most fascinating sea creatures.


Take A Unique Look
Inside And Out

With numerous specimens on display, including five large, free-standing creatures, you’ll receive a unique look inside and outside some of the most intriguing aquatic creatures ever discovered. This mesmerizing collection includes a goliath grouper, a five-metre long mako shark, a predatory Humboldt squid and a metre-long ocean sunfish, the heaviest bony fish in the world.

Sea Monsters
Sea Monsters

Explore How Science 
Helped Dispel Myths

Sparked by the imagination of early mariners, these strange looking animals spent much of history shrouded in terrifying legends. However, through this exhibition you’ll explore how science has helped to dispel these myths, revealing the truth about these fascinating creatures and their extraordinary adaptations.

Don't Miss Sea Monsters:
A Prehistoric Adventure 4-D

The exploration continues with Sea Monsters: A Prehistoric Adventure 4-D. This action-packed film will take you back 82 million years into prehistoric waters, home to colossal marine reptiles of the dinosaur age and some of the most intriguing creatures that ever lived on Earth.

Sea Monsters
Sea Monsters

Let's Get Kraken!

Be sure to take in our new show - Let's Get Kraken! In it we explore some highly unusual marine creatures and decide if they are Freaky or Fabulous. Featuring props, costumes and some amazing animals, it will be good fun for everyone.

Sea Monsters Revealed
Evening Lecture Series

Join us for some "monster" talks and Aquarium exploration time. We have many sea monsters themed evening events happening in the following months. Explore some of our galleries before heading into the theatre for an expert presentation. Warning: Furthering your knowledge and satisfying your personal curiosity might be too much fun!

Sea Monsters

Visit Sea Monsters Revealed at the Vancouver Aquarium today and embark on your own thrilling journey to discover the truth about legendary sea monsters from the deep.

Entrance to Sea Monsters Revealed: The Exhibition is included in the price of admission to the aquarium.

BASE Entertainment (Producer) is a diversified entertainment company with offices in New York, Las Vegas, Houston and Singapore. BASE develops, produces and manages intellectual properties generated for various entertainment platforms including museums and live entertainment in North America, Asia and Brazil. Sea Monsters Revealed represents a premiere museum quality exhibition developed and presented by BASE.  The Company also owns and operates the exhibition SPY: The Secret World of Espionage. For more information please visit www.BASEentertainment.com

Sea Monsters Revealed was created with the cooperation of Dalian Hoffen Bio-Techinque Co., Ltd. and Professor Hongjin Sui, the creator of the specimens and general manager of the company.


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Did You Know?

Did You Know?

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