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Welcome to Steller’s Bay

Get closer to Steller sea lions than ever before at the new Steller’s Bay. Come nose to snout with these amazing and expressive creatures in our new underwater viewing area and watch as they take part in important research to help uncover why their numbers have declined in the wild.


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New Underwater
Viewing Gallery

With a huge, new underwater viewing area in Steller’s Bay, get up close with these mysterious creatures. Watch the Steller sea lions dive, feed, and interact with each other from below the surface of the water. 


See The Research In Action 

Sea lions that live at the Vancouver Aquarium participate in research work to help protect their wild counterparts. The learnings help researchers try to unravel the mystery of their decline.

When you visit Steller’s Bay you will get to see this research in action. Watch as the animal care team and scientists take weight and vitals measurements, train with the animals and do research work.

Top 10 Ways To Be
Wise In The Wild

Steller sea lions are fascinating creatures, and seeing them in nature is guaranteed to be a memorable experience. As calm as they may look, often spotted basking in the sun on rocky haul-outs, it’s important to remember that they are wild animals.  

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