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Just like no two visits to the Vancouver Aquarium are alike, no two people see exactly the same thing when looking at our creatures.  Join us, for an imaginative and fun journey, as we explore the creatures in our aquarium through the eyes of the people it inspires the most: children. 


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The Ninja

“The Octopus is the ninja of the sea… he’s got like 9 brains, 2 jetpacks and a million suction cups… he shoots out black ink like a puff of smoke.” – As described by Josh, age 8. 

With incredible smarts, uncanny camouflage skills and the ability to creep into tiny crevasses, the Pacific Octopus is indeed the ninja of the sea. Come see the Pacific Octopus in the Treasures of the B.C Coast Gallery.


The Grump

“The Lionfish is a big grump….  He’s got mean baggy eyes and a frowny mouth with tiny baby teeth…. No other fish mess with him cause he’s covered in spikes that are really poisonous.” – As described by Olivia, age 10

Despite gobbling up a huge variety of fish itself, few fish truly mess with the Red Lionfish thanks to its venomous fins. Come see the Red Lionfish in the Tropic Zone Gallery.

The Marshmallow

“The Axolotl looks like a big fat marshmallow with tooth brush bristle gills…She’s got a big smile and slurps up worms like spaghetti.” - As described by Rivers, age 6

With its three frilly gills and unique appearance, the Axolotl has been referred to by many imaginative names, from “Mexican walking fish” to “water monster”. Come see the Axolotl in the Frogs Forever? Gallery.


Photo Contest

What Will You See At #VanAqua?

Share your photo of a Vancouver Aquarium creature and tell us what you see.

We’re inviting you to share your photos of a Vancouver Aquarium creature on social media – Instagram, Facebook or Twitter - using the hashtag #vanaqua and tell us what you see and why this creature is unique to you.

These submissions will be entered into a contest, March 11, 2017 to April 11, 2017,  for a chance to win* one of three Animal Encounters at the Vancouver Aquarium. Photos will be featured in our online gallery below. With over 50,000 creatures to discover at the Vancouver Aquarium, what will you see? 

* To be eligible to win a prize, users must be a resident of Canada, excluding Quebec. Users can share multiple photos each day but their name or handle will be entered in the contest only once per day. See contest rules for complete details.


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Did You Know?

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