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Celebrate Arctic 

We Need Our North

The Arctic is a fragile, beautiful place that most people know very little about. But they should. This winter, join us as we highlight Canada’s North.

The Arctic is in the grip of unprecedented change that will have consequences that reach far beyond its ice shores. For more than four decades, the Vancouver Aquarium has been supporting and conducting ongoing studies in Canada’s Arctic. Visit us to learn more about our North and the Vancouver Aquarium’s leadership role in its conservation.

Lily Photo: Lily Kilabuk

Portraits Of Resilience 

January 9 - February 14, 2016

How does climate change affect your day-to-day life?  Visit this powerful exhibit in our Teck Engagement Gallery and find out directly from youths in remote Arctic communities their answer to that very question.

The Portraits of Resilience project features photographs taken by Arctic youths and illustrates in a direct personal way the effects climate change is having on their communities and daily lives. 

Catch A Show

Ever wonder what it’s like to work in subzero temperatures or nearly 24 hours of daylight? Get a glimpse at the life of an Aquarium Arctic researcher at our brand-new talk show, Northern Spotlights. Tuesdays and Thursdays. Check show schedule for details. 

Frozen Planet

Experience The Thrill Of 4-D

Embark on the ultimate polar expedition and experience the white wildernesses of the 
Arctic and Antarctic as you have never seen them before, and may never see them again. Frozen Planet: The 4-D Experience features polar bears roaming the frozen surface in search of food and a tiny creature that impacts almost all animals in the Antarctic. Check show schedule for times. 


Soar With an Arctic Bird

February 6-8 and February 13-14, 2016 at select times

Get nose-to-beak with an iconic bird that calls the Arctic home. In this meet & greet program, you’ll meet a gyrfalcon and learn how they have adapted to live in the harsh conditions of the Arctic. 


Michael Kusugak,
The Storyteller

February 6-8, 2016 at select times

Learn about life in the Arctic. Join storyteller and author Michael Kusugak in the Canada’s Arctic Gallery. Michael is an award winning author and has published 15 books based on his life in the arctic. Spending some of his childhood living in igloos, traveling by dog team and listening to his grandmother's wonderful stories, Michael will share these stories, pictures and artifacts making your visions of the arctic come to life.

Be A Climate Superhero

Have you every worried about our planet? The Arctic is warming at twice the rate of any other regions in the world. But what can we do to help the oceans and protect the iconic animals we love like polar bears, narwhals and ring seals? The new program "Climate Heroes” will teach you how easy it is to be a super hero for the planet. Check show schedule for times. 

Sea ice

Discover Our North

Join us in Canada's Arctic gallery for a narrated tour highlighting some of the exhibits and their inhabitants. This gallery is home to one of the most diverse and unique collections of arctic fish and invertebrates in the world. You may have the chance to watch some of these animals feeding! Check show schedule for times. 

Test Your Knowledge

How much do you know about Canada’s Arctic? Test your knowledge with our Arctic Quiz.

Broken sea ice
divers weekend

Divers’ Weekend

January 16 & 17, 2016

This 17th annual celebration of diving will engage divers and non-divers alike. Featuring compelling diving demonstrations, exhibits and conversations, Divers’ Weekend will inspire you to further explore the oceans. Special talks from Arctic Experts will show you what it really takes to dive in these freezing waters and perhaps even expand your horizons all the way North!

Stay The Night

February 7, 2016

Discover why we need our North in our first family sleepover of the year! The Arctic is a challenging and unique ecosystem undergoing unprecedented change, warming twice as fast as the rest of the planet. Learn about the people and iconic animals that call the arctic home, how their world is changing, and what we can do to help.


We Need Our North

For more than four decades, the Vancouver Aquarium has been supporting and conducting ongoing studies in the Arctic. We’re now raising $28 million to connect people to Our North. The engaging new Canada’s Arctic Gallery will foster scientific research and conservation efforts to help protect beluga whales while providing even larger habitats for the beluga whales in our professional care. We are deeply committed to the conservation of Canada’s Arctic and you can help.


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Did You Know?

Sea otters hold hands to rest in groups called “rafts”.
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