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Join us, on a journey beneath British Columbia’s surface and discover iconic B.C. creatures; from Pacific giant octopus to sea otters to steller sea lions. Explore millions of fish, colourful cold-water corals, sea stars, and jelly fish for a wild and unique B.C. experience. 


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Brilliant Giant Pacific Octopus

The giant Pacific octopus is incredibly beautiful and brainy. Found off the B.C. coast, they have uncanny camouflage skills and the ability to creep into tiny crevasses. Come see the giant Pacific octopus in the Port Hardy exhibit in our Treasures of the B.C. Coast Gallery.

Sea Otter

Playful Sea Otters  

Known for their unique dining habits and cute, fluffy, photo-worthy faces, there’s more to sea otters than being adorable. These heartwarming creatures help keep our ocean in balance. They eat sea urchins which graze on kelp, without sea otters these grazing urchins can destroy kelp forests and effect the diversity of sea creatures which depend on kelp. Come learn more about B.C.'s amazing sea otters in our Wild Coast exhibit.  

Expressive Steller Sea Lions 

These charismatic and highly gregarious creatures are becoming an uncommon sight as the world population continues to decline. The Sea lions that live at the Vancouver Aquarium participate in research work to help protect their wild counterparts. Come meet them at the new Steller’s Bay and get closer to them than ever before in our new underwater viewing area. 

Steller sea lion

Connect To Our Natural World

As a worldwide leading marine science centre, dedicated to the conservation of aquatic life, a visit to the Vancouver Aquarium, is a memorable and authentic B.C. experience.

  • Be amazed. With over 50,000 creatures to discover, Vancouver Aquarium is Canada’s largest aquarium.
  • Engage.  Come face-to-face during an animal encounter with some of our marine life.
  • Stay inspired. Our entertaining and educational programs give a better appreciation for our animals.
  • Explore nature. Located in beautiful Stanley Park, in downtown Vancouver.
  • Immerse yourself.  In our 4-D Experience

Below The Surface, British Columbia: As Seen By Our Visitors #VanAqua #ExploreBC

With over 50,000 creatures to discover at the Vancouver Aquarium, what will you see?  Share your photos on social media with the hashtags #VanAqua and #ExploreBC to join the conversation. 


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Did You Know?

Did You Know?

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