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Feature: Babies

March 9 – May 6


Meet Our Newest Arrivals!

March 9 – May 6

This spring, explore Vancouver Aquarium’s galleries to discover hundreds of babies, including seahorses, clown anemonefish, wolf-eels and poison frogs.

For over 55 years, the Aquarium has been successfully breeding thousands of animals from fishes and invertebrates to reptiles and birds. Every year we welcome hundreds of new additions to the Aquarium family, so don’t miss your chance to meet our new arrivals and find out more about these exciting research and conservation programs.

Visit our baby nursery in the Canaccord Financial Exploration Gallery to see the fascinating two-stage life-cycle of moon jellies and meet some real live jelly babies.  You can also visit the baby clown anemonefish and seahorses in a new temporary exhibit in the Pacific Canada Pavilion. Ever wanted to know what a baby stingray is called or why seahorses are such unconventional parents? Come and discover fascinating baby stories and learn more about how animals breed and care for their young through new daily shows, interactive exhibits and family activities.

Plus, don’t miss your chance put on your dancing shoes and boogie with baby penguin Mumble in HAPPY FEET 4-D Experience

New Shows & Activities

Babies: Saving Our Frogs

Amphibians are amazing, yet sadly many are facing extinction. Learn about one of our local species, the Oregon spotted frog, and find out how the Vancouver Aquarium is actively involved in the preservation and restoration of these ‘ribbiting’ animals by breeding them. While here, learn how you can help too!
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Wolf Eel

Babies: Heroic Wolf Eels

There are many unsung superheroes that can be found behind the scenes at the Vancouver Aquarium, from superstar staff in the fish research lab to the charismatic creatures like wolf-eels that live there. In fact, our researchers are working hard to figure out the best way to take care of baby wolf-eels that are hatched right here at the Aquarium. In this program, we are going to explore behind-the-scenes and learn about those amazing resident superheroes and how they are helping the Aquarium and the community.
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Babies: Seahorse Romance

Did you know that some seahorses mate for life and that seahorses dance when they ‘date’?  What about the male’s role in pregnancy? For these reasons and more, seahorses are arguably one of the most romantic animals in the world!  Delve into the world of seahorse - and human and romance in this new show.
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Babies: Family Programs

We’ve got babies on the brain in Clownfish Cove. Join our interpreters as they guide kids and guardians through incredible tales of some of the aquarium's most unbelievable birthing habits. You can learn a seahorse dance, carry a tadpole on your back, get friendly with a sea anemone, just to name a few of the activities.
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Babies: Craft Corner

Join us at Craft Corner where you can put your imaginations to work decorating clown anemonefish, tadpoles, jellies and seahorses for a mobile. This 3D craft is sure to bring back memories of dancing seahorses and drifting jellies at the Aquarium.

Kids Crafts Photo: Helon Law

Audio Books

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