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Tropic Zone


Get Into The Zone

From anemone-dwelling clown anemonefish to sleek blacktip reef sharks, life and colour abound in this gallery. It focuses on warm water animals from all over the world, including Africa, Madagascar, Central America and other biodiversity hotspots. Some of the gallery’s highlights include a giant Indo-Pacific reef, a green sea turtle that swims with the sharks and fish that carry their children in their mouths. Learn about these fascinating, colourful animals through the multimedia screens and interpretative programs in the gallery.

Rescued Corals And Endangered Fish

The blacktip reef sharks aren’t the only interesting animals in this gallery. Some of the corals here were rescued from smugglers who were trying to illegally bring them into Canada. Endangered seahorses, mouth-breeding cichlids, serene pajamafish, a rescued green sea turtle and an endangered Asian turtle live here as well.

Fished Out

Many fishes in this gallery face threats in the wild: sharks populations have been devastated from shark finning; cichlids from Lake Victoria are endangered and Banggai cardinalfish are vulnerable to overharvesting. The Aquarium is helping. Our Ocean Wise™ program helps diners choose ocean-friendly seafood, and we’re working on rearing seahorses and Banggai cardinalfish to reduce pressure on them in the wild. By being Ocean Wise and supporting our efforts, you can help as well.

Fascinating Stories

Are sharks as scary as some people think? How did a green sea turtle end up swimming with the sharks at the Aquarium? Find the answer to these questions and more during our daily shark show and the various feature programs that take place in this gallery. You may find yourself looking at these tropical animals in a whole new light.

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Did You Know?

Did You Know?

Up to 40 per cent of a beluga’s body is blubber.
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