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Treasures Of The B.C. Coast


A Variety Of Marine Homes

From serene sand flats to swaying kelp beds and wave-swept rocks, British Columbia’s waters boasts a great diversity of habitats—and with them, a vast variety of species that have adapted to those areas. Learn about these habitats and the animals that live there, as well as the conservation and research initiatives we’ve taken on to help protect and learn about our aquatic front yard. You’ll find oozing hagfish, voracious seastars and iconic B.C. animals such as rockfish and octopus.

Get An Underwater View

Treasures of the BC Coast features a sampling of marine habitats along British Columbia’s coast. Large, scenic photos set the scene for each habitat, where animals that live there are on display. This exhibit is also home to the iconic Pacific giant octopus, as well as surprisingly colourful cold-water corals.

Unlocking The
Mysteries of Salmon

British Columbia’s salmon populations face many threats including habitat loss and overfishing, but we know very little about their life in the ocean. The Vancouver Aquarium is hosting an international research initiative that offers the opportunity to make major breakthroughs in our understanding of how marine animals use the ocean. Find out more about this program throughout the gallery.

Spotlight On Local Animals

Learn more about some of the animals that make their home in British Columbia in our feature programs. Spotlight on Octopus gives you an in-depth look at nature’s perfect spy, while the Wild Coast Critter Corner allows you to see some interactions between predators and their prey or a dissection in progress.


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Did You Know?

Did You Know?

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