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The Wild Coast


Home Of Research
And Rescues

The Wild Coast is home to Helen, a rescued Pacific white-sided dolphin, rescued sea otters, rescued harbour seals, sea lions and much more. It also houses a tide pool, several touch pools and the underwater viewing area. Learn about the ways the dolphins are helping researchers protect their kind in the wild, find out more about the adorably playful sea otters and have the chance to touch some of the spineless animals that live on the British Columbian coast.

Walkways Of Wonder

The largest of our galleries, the Wild Coast consists of a series of outdoor walkways that lead to adorable sea otters, harbour porpoises and other marine animals. It also includes an underwater viewing area for the dolphin habitat. This area is a great place to see how powerfully dolphins move through the water and learn about some of the dolphin research happening at the Aquarium. 
Discover how our research impacts marine life

Dolphins Helping Dolphins

Helen, the Pacific white-sided dolphin in this gallery was rescued after she had been entangled and injured by fixed fishing nets. Now she's working to save her wild counterparts from the same fate—by helping researchers understand how dolphins use their sonar (echolocation) to locate objects in the water. This research might one day lead to fishing nets and deterrent devices that will allow dolphins in the wild to avoid them.


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