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Pacific Canada Pavilion


Incredible Life Off Our Coast

The Pacific Canada Pavilion spans two levels and focuses on the fascinating marine life just outside Vancouver’s front door. Visitors can get an above-surface view of the incredible diversity of the Strait of Georgia exhibit, or go downstairs to come face to face with the halibut, crabs and rockfish that live there. 

Life In Our Front Yard

Featuring a 260,000-litre exhibit highlighting marine life from the Strait of Georgia, the Pacific Canada Pavilion allows visitors come face-to-face with an underwater habitat filled with thousands of schooling herring, halibut, crabs, kelp, sea stars and various Pacific fishes.

Protecting Our Own

The Strait of Georgia exhibit is home to bocaccio rockfish, a species that’s critically endangered in the wild. Come to a dive show Creatures Off Our Coast and find out how we’re helping them and other fish species that are threatened by overfishing . You’ll also learn about our Ocean Wise™ program, which helps diners identify and choose restaurants and markets that provide ocean-friendly seafood.

Take A Dive

Get a closer look at some of the animals that live just outside Vancouver’s front door—with the help of a SCUBA diver. During the Creatures Off Our Coast program, a diver and an interpreter team up to talk about the incredible diversity of marine life in the Strait of Georgia. You might be surprised by how much colour and life exist in these chilly waters.


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Did You Know?

Did You Know?

97 percent of all animals on Earth are invertebrates. 
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