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Prepare to be amazed, engaged and inspired by what you see and learn in our exhibits and galleries. Watch adorable sea otters holding hands, catch a beluga show or get an up-close and intimate look at some of the creepy crawlers in the Amazon. With over 50,000 animals from all over the world and entertaining interpretive programs that give a better appreciation for the animals that live here, the Aquarium has no shortage of incredible experiences.

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Our Exhibits And Galleries Span The Globe

Research Outpost icon

Research Outpost

Walruses, Steller sea lions, and Northern fur seals that live at the Vancouver Aquarium participate in research work to help protect their wild counterparts. For the first time ever we are opening up the doors to our research centre and giving guests a look into the ground-breaking marine mammal research taking place behind the scenes.

Steller's Bay icon

Steller's Bay

Come nose to snout with Steller sea lions at Steller’s Bay, a new exhibit that spotlights these majestic and mysterious creatures, only at Vancouver Aquarium. Transported to a fishing village on Canada’s west coast, you will delight as you experience sea lions basking brilliantly in the sun and hear them roaring in spectacular chorus. 

Teck Connections & Engagement Galleries icon

Teck Connections & Engagement Galleries

Welcome to our new Teck Connections & Engagement Galleries. Upon entry, a giant globe of our world will greet you as wrap-around screens take you on a journey of our oceans and the aquatic life within them.

Canada's Arctic icon

Canada's Arctic

If you think the Arctic is a desolate place, you’d be surprised at how much life exists there. This exhibit highlights some of that life with live animals and cutting-edge technology.

Tropic Zone icon

Tropic Zone

Blacktip reef sharks, moray eels and colourful fish abound in this gallery highlighting warm water animals from all over the globe. Daily dive shows and shark feeds (twice weekly) are incredible to watch.

Graham Amazon Gallery icon

Graham Amazon Gallery

Discover the giant fishes of the Amazon and snoozing sloths in the steamy rainforest jungle. Snakes, spiders, birds and lizards all live here. 

Penguin Point icon

Penguin Point

Get up close to the penguins or hang back and get a bird’s eye view from the upper viewing level. Explore this new exhibit to learn more about African penguins and how they measure up to the 17 other species of penguins.

Canaccord Financial Exploration Gallery icon

Canaccord Financial Exploration Gallery

This gallery showcases some of the research we do, as well as our ongoing projects and conservation stories. It's also where Clownfish Cove and the 4-D Theatre are located. 

Treasures Of The B.C. Coast icon

Treasures Of The B.C. Coast

Explore the diversity of life found in the underwater world of British Columbia and discover how all of these diverse underwater exhibits are connected to geographical locations off our coast.

The Wild Coast icon

The Wild Coast

A series of walkways takes you past adorable sea otters and acrobatic Pacific white-sided dolphins. Watch a feeding or training session, or hear about some of the research the dolphins are helping with.

Pacific Canada Pavilion icon

Pacific Canada Pavilion

Featuring a 260,000 litre exhibit highlighting the Strait of Georgia, the Pacific Canada Pavilion allows visitors come face-to-face with an underwater habitat where divers mingle with halibut, crabs, kelp, sea stars and various Pacific fishes.

Frogs Forever? icon

Frogs Forever?

Amphibians survived the disaster that wiped out the dinosaurs. Find out why frogs are now rapidly disappearing from the wild in this spectacular exhibit, which uses innovative sound technology and stunning colour.

Clownfish Cove icon

Clownfish Cove

Learn and play together in our play area that’s designed for kids eight and younger. Dress up, nurse a ‘seal pup’ back to health in our new animal hospital, or investigate a touch pool.


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Did You Know?

Did You Know?

Some dolphins travel in supergroups of more than 300.
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