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2016 IAC

Vancouver Aquarium extends a warm welcome to the International Aquarium Congress (IAC). We’re excited to host the 2016 IAC in our beautiful city of Vancouver.

Vancouver is a multicultural and diverse community where the world’s cultures are celebrated and shared. Ours is the perfect setting for intercultural exchange.

As a founding IAC member, and an integral part of the worldwide network of aquariums, we value and understand the importance of cultivating relationships and initiating collaborative discussions. We look forward to having innovative and important discussions on the world’s oceans and our natural world with you in September 2016.


Vancouver Aquarium
Selected To Host IAC

The Vancouver Aquarium Marine Science Centre has been unanimously selected to host the ninth International Aquarium Congress in 2016. The Congress is the most important and recognized international event within the aquarium and marine science industry, and is expected to bring approximately 1,500 leading practitioners and scientists from nearly 45 countries to the city of Vancouver in 2016.

About The International
Aquarium Congress

Taking place every four years, the Congress has been held around the world, including Europe, the Americas and Asia since its inception in 1960. The Congress provides the scientific community with the latest on marine life research, extending the opportunity to discuss global and local issues and sharing successful initiatives. In 2012, the Congress will be held in Cape Town, South Africa. The torch will then be passed to the Vancouver Aquarium which—with the help of its 400+ staff and over 1,000 volunteers— will plan for an incredible experience at the 2016 Congress.

About Vancouver Aquarium

For 55 years, through its long-standing commitment to conservation, education, research, interpretation and aquatic display, the Vancouver Aquarium has been a leader in connecting people to our natural world. Well anchored in its community of peer networks, the organization is a leader in the worldwide network of aquariums and marine science centres, and is internationally recognized for its high standards in animal care, conservation and research contributions.




Vancouver, B.C., Canada



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