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Divers' Weekend

2018 Theme: Training

Join us for the 19th annual celebration of diving. From riveting dive shows to compelling exhibits to informative workshops, divers and non-divers alike will be further inspired to explore our vast oceans.

Exhibitors range from dive outfitters to dive light suppliers to the Canadian Coast Guard and the Vancouver Maritime Museum. 

Feature Events Include:

  • Training Workshop Sessions (dry land only).
  • Diving Demonstrations.
  • Exhibits by diving clubs, organizations and businesses. 
  • Fun activities for the kids.

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Event Info


January 27 & 28, 2018


10 a.m - 5 p.m. 


Vancouver Aquarium


Included with general admission to the Aquarium.

Certified divers receive 50 percent off admission or 10 percent off Aquarium membership with a valid certification card. Membership offer not available online – please purchase in person at membership services.

Meet Lee Newman

Curator, Fishes

Vancouver Aquarium’s curator of fishes, local diver, and underwater photographer Lee Newman dives most weekends. Diving completely lets him disconnect from the world above. As a technical diver, Lee is interested in photo-documenting the fish and invertebrate life in Howe Sound beyond the recreational depth limit.  

Join Lee for a workshop about adding photography to scuba diving. This workshop will help make taking a camera underwater a safe and rewarding activity.



Meet Stewart Sy

Owner, SLS Photography

Stewart has been creating underwater images for over 20 years. He is also the owner of SLS Photography - Western Canada’s source for all things underwater photography-related.  

Join Stewart for a workshop on underwater photography. This workshop will teach you how to visualize the perfect underwater shot well before you click the shutter.  

Meet Jessica Shultz

Manager, Howe Sound Research

Jessica is a professional diver turned marine ecologist. She’s inspired by diving as it allows her to see things she’s never seen before. Jessica and her team at Ocean Wise’s Howe Sound Research and Conservation program investigate coastal ecology, marine biodiversity, and climate change. 

Join Jessica for a workshop on identifying BC fish while diving. If you spot something new, learn how to collect the right information. This workshop adds to your diving experience by learning about marine life.


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