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Join us at the spectacular, newly expanded Vancouver Aquarium Marine Science Centre for our annual awards dinner celebrating leading conservation and research efforts in British Columbia. You'll have an opportunity to meet scientists and conservationists at the forefront of marine science in Canada.

The evening begins with a cocktail reception followed by a three-course, plated dinner in the unforgettable setting of the Vancouver Aquarium Teck Connections Gallery.

A new award recognizing lifetime achievement in aquatic conservation will be unveiled, as well as the presentations of the Murray A. Newman Awards.


The 20th Annual Murray A. Newman Awards Honours

Dr. John Reynolds

Murray A. Newman Award for Significant Achievement in Aquatic Research


Dr. John Reynolds is one of the world’s leading experts in fish science and conservation. His leading-edge research connects theories in evolution and ecology to population dynamics and implications for fisheries management and conservation.  His work has also helped inform criteria used to assess the risk of extinction of marine fishes and he has also been widely cited regarding the impacts of climate change on the distribution of marine fishes.  Dr. Reynolds runs one of the largest field studies of salmon in the world with research demonstrating the wide-ranging impacts of nutrients from salmon carcasses on freshwater and terrestrial ecosystems.

Dr. Rob Butler

Murray A. Newman Award for Significant Achievement in Aquatic Conservation


Dr. Rob Butler is a scientist, educator, artist and champion of the conservation movement in Canada. An internationally renowned ornithologist, he is recognized for his distinguished work at the Canadian Wildlife Service and for his many publications on seabirds and estuarine, salt marsh and coastal ecosystems. As the founding President of the Pacific Wildlife Foundation, he has supported the conservation of coastal and marine ecosystems through original scientific research and education. Dr. Butler has been able to combine his talents as an artist and a writer with his strengths as a scientist to become a solid voice for the conservation movement in B.C. and Canada. 


The Murray A. Newman Award was created in 1995 as a tribute to the retirement of the Vancouver Aquarium’s founding director, Dr. Murray A. Newman. This prestigious award is presented every year to celebrate significant aquatic research and conservation work conducted in British Columbia; B.C. residents involved in conservation and research efforts elsewhere are also eligible. Determined by the research committee of the Vancouver Aquarium’s board, two “Murrays” are presented every year – one for significant advances in aquatic research and the other for significant achievement in aquatic conservation.

“The annual Vancouver Aquarium Murray A. Newman awards dinner is a unique opportunity to celebrate passion and dedication as well as significant contributions to the conservation of aquatic life made by remarkable individuals,” said Dr. John Nightingale, president and CEO of the Vancouver Aquarium. “This year’s recipients are known to be making a difference in our world and greatly contributing to the advancement of aquatic science and marine conservation.”




Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Vancouver Aquarium


6 p.m.

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$95 (non-transferable)

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Past Award Recipients

Dr. William Ricker 1995
Dr. Thomas Northcote 1996
Mr. Kenneth Ashley 1997
Dr. Eric B. Taylor 1998
Dr. Timothy Parsons 1999
Dr. J. Donald McPhail 2000
Dr. Daniel Pauly 2001
Dr. Thomas Reimchen 2003
Dr. David R. Jones 2004
Dr. Carl Walters 2005
Dr. Paul Harrison 2006
Dr. David A. Higgs 2007
Dr. David Randall 2008
Dr. John K.B. Ford 2009
Dr Randall Peterman 2010
Dr. Frank Whitney 2011
Dr. Peter Ross 2012
Dr. Robert Devlin 2013

Bertram M. Hoffmeister 1995
Dr. Peter A. Larkin 1996
Mr. Kim Fulton 1997
Mr. Mark Angelo 1998
Dr. Marvin L. Rosenau 1999
Mr. Pat Slaney 2000
Mr. Rod MacVicar 2001
Mr. Rick Hansen 2003
Dr. James Woodey 2004
Dr. Colin Levings 2005
Ms. Alexandra Morton 2006
Mr. Gary Logan 2007
Dr. Kenneth Hall 2008
The Hon. John A. Fraser 2009
Ms Jackie Hildering 2010
The Canadian Okanagan Basin Technical Working Group 2011
Chef Robert Clark 2012 

Conservation & Research
Drs. Anthony Farrell,
Patricia Gallaugher,
and Rick Routledge 2002
Dr. Verena Tunnicliffe 2013 

Science Communication
Ms. Linda Aylesworth 2011


Photo Gallery

Here are some photos from the 19th Annual Murray A. Newman Awards which took place on February 18, 2014.

Photos by Brett Vo Photography 

Click on the images below to view full size.


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