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Animal Encounters

Participate in interactive sessions alongside Aquarium interpreters, biologists and trainers. You’ll be able to get a behind-the-scenes look at the habitats of the belugas, dolphins, sea otters, sea lions and sea turtle, where you’ll help our trainers in a feeding or training session. You’ll also learn how our conservation and research programs help us better understand these animals and the threats they face in the wild. 

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Animal Encounters

Beluga Encounters icon

Beluga Encounters

Currently unavailable. Get up close and personal with our beluga whales. Join us for a Beluga Encounter and come face-to-face with a beluga whale in a hands-on, interactive and sometimes splashy training session.

Dolphin Encounters icon

Dolphin Encounters

Currently unavailable. Come face to flipper with our Pacific white-sided dolphins. Join us for a Dolphin Encounter program and get up close and personal with a dolphin in an interactive and hands-on training session.

Sea Otter Encounters icon

Sea Otter Encounters

In our Sea Otter Encounter, you can go behind the scenes with an Aquarium interpreter to learn more about these playful animals and get a hands-on training session with our marine mammal training team.

Sea Lion Encounters icon

Sea Lion Encounters

Take a walk on the wild side with the sea lions. Experience first-hand what it is like to work with such charismatic animals in our rarely seen, behind-the-scenes research area.

Penguin Encounters icon

Penguin Encounters

Currently unavailable. Accompany an Aquarium interpreter to learn more about an endangered species: the African penguin. Then, go behind-the-scenes to see the fishy side of taking care of penguins. Finally, prepare yourself to take a close look at the animals as you participate in an enrichment training session.

Sea Turtle Encounters icon

Sea Turtle Encounters

Currently unavailable. Have a close encounter of the sea turtle kind. Meet our resident sea turtle, Schoona, in our Sea Turtle Encounter. You’ll be taken behind the scenes to our shark penthouse to participate in her daily feeding.

Registration is now open for Sea Otter Encounters and Sea Lion Encounters until March 10, 2016.  Penguin Encounters will be back in late January or early February - please check back here periodically for the most up to date schedule information. 

Advance reservations are required. Booking within a week of the program date is unlikely so contact us earlier to check availability. Full credit card payment is required upon booking. To contact us by phone please call 604-659-3552 or 1-800-931-1186, or email [email protected]  Please note that Animal Encounter availability is extremely limited and subject to change. Not all encounters are currently being offered.

Purchase an e-gift card online to give the gift of an Animal Encounter. Visit each encounter page for pricing information.


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Did You Know?

Did You Know?

There are 33 species of oceanic dolphins. 
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