Fisheries Depredation by Killer and Sperm Whales, Behavioural Insights, Behavioural Solutions
Fisheries Depredation by Killer and Sperm Whales, Behavioural Insights, Behavioural Solutions
October 2-5, 2006 Pender Island, BC Hosted by the Vancouver Aquarium



Social Learning in Killer Whales and the Spread of Depredation Behaviours
Lance Barrett-Lennard

Depredation events around South Georgia and social structure and behaviour of the animals involved

James Moir Clark, David Agnew, Michael Unwin, Paul McCarthy and John Hooper

Depredation on Commercial Longline and Recreational Hook and Line Fisheries by Small Cetaceans in the Southeast U.S.
Vicki Cornish

Killer Whale (Orcinus orca) Depredation on Longline Catches of Bottom Fish in Alaskan Waters

Marilyn E. Dahlheim

Killer whale depredation on longline catches in Brazilian waters

Luciano Dalla Rosa, Eduardo R. Secchi and Danielle Monteiro

Interactions between killer whales (Orcinus orca) and the northern bluefin tuna (Thunnus thynnus) fishery in the Strait of Gibraltar
Renaud de Stephanis, P. Verborgh, and Christophe Guinet

Distribution and diet of fish-eating killer whales around the Aleutian Islands, with relevance to fisheries interactions
John Durban, Paul Wade, Holly Fearnbach, Margaret Krahn, David Herman, Douglas Burrows, and Richard LeDuc.

Fisheries depredation experiences of the Norwegian longline fleet
Jan Erik Dyb

Experiences of the Norwegian longline fleet with ‘pingers’ and ‘scramblers’

Jan-Erik Dyb

Depredation of recreational fisheries by resident killer whales in British Columbia: extent of occurrence and factors influencing fish selection
John K.B. Ford. and Graeme M. Ellis

Are pingers effective at reducing interactions between bottlenose dolphins and artisanal fisheries around the Balearic Islands (Spain)?
J.M. Brotons, Zaida Munilla Garcia, A.M. Grau, and L.E. Rendell

Killer whale depredation in the demersal longline and nets fisheries in the Okhotsk Sea
Konstantin A. Karyakin

Sperm whale depredation of sable fish longline gear in the northeast Pacific Ocean
Chris R. Lunsford, Michael F. Sigler, and Janice M. Straley

Case history: killer whale depredation of black cod in Prince William Sound, Alaska
Craig Matkin

Global sperm whale (Physeter macrocephalus) depredation of demersal longlines

Sarah Mesnick, Nellie Warner, Janice Straley, Victoria O’Connell

Depredation around South Georgia and other Southern Ocean fisheries
Martin G. Purves, Jan Wissema, Sarah Wilkinson, Theressa Akkers and David Agnew

The Southeast Alaska Sperm Whale Avoidance Project (SEASWAP): Background and History
Victoria O’Connell, Jan Straley and Dick Curran

The status of elephant/ human conflict and mitigation programs throughout their range
Caitlin O’Connell-Rodwell

Predation of target groundfish species in the longline fisheries of Alaska by killer whales
(Orcinus orca) and sperm whales (Physeter macrocephalus) during 1998-2005

Michael A. Perez

Killer whales and long-lines fisheries interactions: the Crozet archipelago story
Cecile Roche, Nicolas Gasco, G. Duhamel and Christophe Guinet

Sperm Whale and Longline Fisheries Interactions in the Eastern Gulf of Alaska
Jancie Straley; O’Connell, Victoria; Behnken, Linda; Thode, Aaron ;Liddle, Joseph; and Mesnick, Sarah

Observations of potential acoustic cues that attract sperm whales to longling activities in the Gulf of Alaska

Aaron Thode, Straley, Janice, Tiemann, Chris, Folkert, Kendall, O’Connell, Victoria and Behnken, Linda

The interaction of cetaceans with the longline fishing industry in Samoa, South Pacific
Simon A. Walsh

Depredation by bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) on a coastal gillnet fishery: the problem and test of a potential solution
Danielle M. Waples, Andy J. Read, Kim Urian, Lynne E. Williams and Dave Swanner

Movements of sperm whales in the Gulf of Alaska
Nellie Warner, Jen Cedarleaf, Jan Straley and Chris Lunsford

The role of sound learning in depredation by killer whales
Harald Yurk

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