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Weekly Water Report


Why Water? 

We depend on water for drinking, cooking, cleaning, energy production, waste removal… and the list goes on.  As our use of water grows, so does the number of threats it faces, including: 

  • Overuse:
    We use more water per capita than any other country in the world
  • Access:
    Many Canadians do not have access to clean drinking water
  • Diversion:
    Water is being sold and transferred to different watersheds impacting natural flow levels
  • Pollution:
    Point and non-point sources can make water unhealthy for people and aquatic life
  • Climate Change:
    Rain and associated weather events are becoming less predictable and more costly

Read Our Water Report 

Each week, our Water Report summarizes water-related stories from a variety of sources. The intent of these reports is to improve our understanding of our relationship with water so that we can engage in informed discussions and decision-making surrounding water issues. 

Water Report is posted weekly on AquaBlog.

va-teck2.pngThe Vancouver Aquarium and Teck recognize water as a critical resource and we have innovative plans to work together and help advance aquatic research and conservation. 


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Did You Know?

Did You Know?

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