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We depend on water for many things including drinking, cooking, cleaning, energy production, waste removal, and the list goes on.  As our use of water grows, so does the number of threats it faces, including overuse, access, diversion, pollution and climate change. In this section of our website you can learn more about the issues surrounding water, as well as some interesting facts about water. 


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Water Drops

Water is unique It’s the only natural substance that’s found in all three states – liquid, solid, gas – at the Earth’s normal temperatures. Find that fact interesting? Learn more on our Water Drops page. 

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Water Report

Each week, our Water Report summarizes water-related stories from a variety of sources. The intent of these reports is to improve our understanding of our relationship with water so that we can engage in informed discussions and decision-making surrounding water issues.


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Did You Know?

Did You Know?

Anacondas are born with the ability to swim.
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