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The Puzzle Of The Disappearing Steller Sea Lions

Since 1980, the world population of Steller sea lions has dropped from more than 300,000 animals to less than 100,000 and continues to decline. The North Pacific Universities Marine Mammal Research Consortium, made up of four participating institutions and the Vancouver Aquarium, was formed to undertake a long-term research program on the relationships between fisheries and marine mammals in the North Pacific Ocean. Steller sea lions at the Aquarium are directly participating in a comprehensive research study for this project.

Steller Sea Lions Credit: Andrew Trites

Solving The Puzzle

Research Background icon

Research Background

Discover some of the reasons behind this alarming drop in the world population of Steller sea lions, as well as which other marine mammal species is rapidly declining or experiencing massive population growth.

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Research Analysis

Find out the results of our Aquarium research as we work with the Steller sea lions to answer critical questions about their diet, food intake, growth and metabolism, and how we can apply this knowledge.


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