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Sixgill Sharks In Howe Sound

July 30, 2014 sixgill sighting at 45’ depth at Point Atkinson. (Photo by Jessica Schultz)
Close up of the six gills that define the sixgill shark. Photo credit: Lee Newman.

Have You Seen A Sixgill In Howe Sound?

Sixgill sharks (Hexanchus griseus) have been recently seen in Howe Sound by several divers. If you've seen one - we want to know! Seeing these sharks in Howe Sound is new, scuba taxonomy records from 1964 onward are very detailed for Howe Sound, and prior to the La Nina of 2010/2011 there have never been any sightings of sixgill sharks in this area. 

Videos 1&2 above of sixgill sharks in Howe Sound courtesy Chris Straub.
Video 3 courtesy Nuytco Research Ltd.


Report Your Sighting


Other Reporting Methods

For years Rendezvous Dive Adventures has conducted surveys of sixgill sharks in Barkley Sound and shares their findings with many researchers. They also assemble all shark sightings from Washington state to Alaska. If you see a sixgill, alive, dead, or catch it while fishing, please report it to them; you can download their sighting form here

More Information

More information on sixgill sharks is available on the Rendezvous Dive Adventures sixgill shark facebook page


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