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HMCS Annapolis 


Share Your Annapolis Photos

Things are settling fast on the HMCS Annapolis and we need your help.

We are asking divers to share their pictures and videos with us to help with the Annapolis Biodiversity Index Study A.B.I.S. (pronounce “abyss”). The study is expected to run for five years, allowing for a fantastic and continuing opportunity for diver involvement in the program.

In only five dives we've recorded 29 species on the ship and are building abundance scores. In May we saw anemones, barnacles, gobies and shiner perch. By July there were hydroids, tubeworms and encrusting bryozoans. September brought diatoms, new hydroids, spot prawns, coonstripe shrimp, purple and mottled stars, rockfish, pollock, greenlings and sculpins. In November we saw red algae, spiral bryozoans, stout shrimp and pygmy rock crabs.

It helps to know where your photos were taken so try to be aware of your surroundings. Structural features on the ship, depth and whether you are diving on the port or starboard side are very useful tools. Landmarks like the front deck forward or aft of the splash wall, in the bridge, hangar, mortar bay, engine room, boiler room or on the flight deck, are all useful information. Don’t be concerned about the quality of your photos. We can get details from all photos and videos.


Send Your Photos & Videos


Hello Annapolis Divers!

It's time for you to see how your submissions to this web page are applied. Take a look at the latest Annapolis Report to see how the species are accumulating over time. Your photographs and videos are making a difference to the A.B.I.S. (Annapolis Biodiversity Index Study) and your help is really appreciated. Contact me directly if you have any questions - donna.gibbs@vanaqua.org

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Photo Gallery Submissions

Please click on photos to see larger. 

Here is a selection of photos contributed to our project. Thank you for submitting them!

Thank You

We thank you for your help. Contact us anytime.

More information please email Donna Gibbs at donna.gibbs@vanaqua.org

For more information on project A.B.I.S. visit artificialreefsocietybc.ca


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Did You Know?

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