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Rearing Fish

Over the past third of a century, the Vancouver Aquarium, under the guidance of Dr. Jeff Marliave, has earned accolades from the zoological and research communities for its first-time rearing of cold water marine species such as wolf-eels, pandalid shrimp and grunt sculpins. The Aquarium's breeding program has supplied such popular cold water ornamentals as wolf- eels, Pacific spiny lumpsuckers, and grunt and sailfin sculpins to aquarium facilities worldwide.

Canary Rockfish

We've Been Busy

In recent years, culturing research at the Aquarium has centered on the dietary requirements of larval and juvenile fish. Today, a total of 60 fish and 16 crustacean species have been reared in the Aquarium laboratory.

Species Common Name Year Details
Agonopsis vulsa Northern spearnose poacher 1996 reared 1st time
Agonus acipenserinus Sturgeon poacher 1996 reared 1st time
Anarrhichthys ocellatus Wolf-eel 2001 reared on pellets
Anoplarchus pupurescens Cockscomb prickleback 1997 reared re/ hybridization
Anoplarchus purpurescens X insignis Hybrid blenny-eels 2006 reared (died before juvenile)
Apodichthys flavidus Penpoint gunnels 2000 reared
Artedius fenestralis Padded sculpin 1998 reared
Asemichthys taylori Spinynose sculpin 1996 reared 2nd time
Aulorhynchus flavidus Tubesnout 2006 F8
Chirolophis decoratus Decorated warbonnet 2004 reared
Chirolophis nugator Mosshead warbonnet 1997 reared 1st time
Chitonotus pugetensis Roughback sculpin 2000 F2
Clinocottus globiceps Mosshead sculpin 2002 reared 1st time
Clupea harengus pallasi Pacific herring 1997 reared re/ food and display
Enophrys bison Buffalo sculpin 1997 reared re/ nesting parasitism
Eumicrotremus orbis Pacific spiny lumpsucker 2003 reared
Gasterosteus aculeatus Threespine stickleback 2001 F2
Heptacarpus kincaidi Kincaid's shrimp 2002 reared
Hexagrammos lagocephalus Rock greenling 1997 reared 1st time
Hexagrammos stelleri Whitespotted greenling 2000 reared
Hippocampus abdominalis Pot-bellied seahorse 2005 reared
Hippocampus erectus Lined seahorses 2001 F5
Hippocampus ingens Giant seahorse 1998 F4
Icelinus borealis Northern sculpin 1996 reared 1st time (complete development series)
Jordania zonope Longfin sculpin 1997 F2
Lebbeus grandimanus Candystripe shrimp 2002 F4
Lebbeus schrencki Okhotsk lebbeid shrimp 2003 F7
Liparis cyclopus Ribbon snailfish 1998 reared 1st time (complete development series)
Lopholithodes mandtii Puget Sound king crab 1997 reared 1st time (to juvenile stage only)
Metacrangon munita Coastal spinyhead shrimp 1997 reared 1st time
Nautichthys oculofasciatus Sailfin sculpin 1997 reared
Odontopyxis trispinosa Pygmy poacher 1996 reared 1st time
Oligocottus maculosus Tidepool sculpin 2001 reared
Oligocottus snyderi Fluffy sculpin 1997 F2
Ophiodon elongatus Lingcod 1996 reared re/ transplant study
Oxylebius pictus Painted greenling 2006 reared
Paguras armatus Black-eyed hermit crab 1996 reared 1st time
Pandalopsis lucidirimicola Sparkling shrimp 1997 reared 1st time (undescribed species)
Pandalus danae Coonstripe shrimp 1998 reared (previously domesticated)
Pandalus eous Spiny pink shrimp 1998 reared
Pandalus hypsinotus Dock shrimp 1998 reared
Pandalus platyceros Spot prawn 1998 reared
Pandalus stenolepis Roughpatch shrimp 1997 reared 1st time
Paracrangon echinata Horned shrimp 1997 reared 1st time
Rhamphocottus richardsoni Grunt sculpin 2006 reared
Scorpaenichthys marmoratus Cabezon 1998 reared 2nd time
Sebastes caurinus Copper rockfish 2006 reared 1st time
Syngnathus griseolineatus Bay pipefish 1998 reared
Triglops macellus Roughspine sculpin 1996 reared 1st time
Xiphister mucosus Rock prickleback 2006 reared


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