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Steller Sea Lion Adoptions 


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Steller sea lions are otariids (eared seals) and are the largest of this group. The ear flaps are the easiest way to distinguish sea lions from seals, especially when they are in the water.

Since 1980, the world population of Steller sea lions has dropped dramatically, including some populations that have declined by 80 per cent! An estimated 400 sea lions along the British Columbia coast are ensnared in marine debris, including packing straps, discarded fishing gear and other large plastic trash.

Through this symbolic adoption, you are directly supporting the care of the animals at the Vancouver Aquarium as well as helping to fund Ocean Wise conservation and research initiatives like the work undertaken at the Vancouver Aquarium for over 20 years to try and understand why Steller sea lion populations in the wild have drastically declined. 

Aquadopt Kits cost $55 (plus shipping) and include:

  • 7” plush Sea Lion

  • Certificate of Adoption

  • Sea Lion Fact Booklet

  • Sea Lion Collector Card

  • $40 Tax Receipt

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