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Our Commitment
To Conservation

Our mission at the Vancouver Aquarium is to conserve aquatic life through display and interpretation, education, research and direct action. Aquarium staff and volunteers have been involved in the creation of Canada's first no-take marine protected area, as well as wetlands restoration and beach clean-ups. They do wildlife rescue and rehabilitations, and population surveys of marine mammals and intertidal fishes. You can help us ensure that our oceans stay healthy by joining us on any of our initiatives. 

Successful Rescue

Taking Direct Action

Environmental Management System icon

Environmental Management System

We're working hard to become a leader in corporate environmental behaviour. Reducing our pollution, buying sustainable products and selling compostable plates and cutlery are a few of the ways we're making a difference.

Green Building icon

Green Building

We’ve made Aquaquest – the Marilyn Blusson Learning Centre an environmentally friendly “green” building that helps protect our ecosystems. This includes toilets that use rainwater and “living walls” crawling with bugs.

Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup™ icon

Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup™

Held each September, the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup is a national community program coordinated by the Vancouver Aquarium. In 2010, thousands of volunteers cleaned up over 98,000 kg of litter from 2,235 km of shoreline.

Marine Mammal Rescue icon

Marine Mammal Rescue

The Vancouver Aquarium’s Marine Mammal Rescue Centre has been assisting distressed marine mammals along British Columbia’s coast for over forty years. Each year, we rescue and rehabilitate over 150 stranded marine animals.

Ocean Wise™ icon

Ocean Wise™

Overfishing is the greatest threat to our oceans today. Ocean Wise is a Vancouver Aquarium conservation program created to educate and empower consumers about the issues surrounding sustainable seafood and why it matters.

Vancouver Aquarium Wild Killer Whale Adoption Program icon

Vancouver Aquarium Wild Killer Whale Adoption Program

Take home a new member of the family and help us conserve wild killer whales. The B.C. Wild Killer Whale Adoption Program, overseen by the Vancouver Aquarium, supports the long-term conservation of killer whale populations.

B.C. Cetacean Sighting Network icon

B.C. Cetacean Sighting Network

The B.C. Cetacean Sightings Network, or Wild Whales, is a conservation and research collaboration between the Vancouver Aquarium and Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO). We collect sightings to better understand threatened populations in the wild.


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